about us
We say welcome to all those who are going to become a member of www.pray.com.pk. Before getting any kind of Spiritual help you all should know first who we are and what we do? It's essential to know before doing anything else.
Who We Are? We are providing spiritual services in all over the world. Over 5 million People are getting spiritual benefits by our Spiritual Leaders since 1995.
What’s our Aim? The basic aim of pray.com.pk is to invite People to join our Pray Group in which people of all religions are allowed to share their prayers in our Pray group. The Spiritual Leaders of pray.com.pk want to receive the special mercies of God by doing this good deed. So we offer everyone to join us today and share your prayers.
Spiritual Rings The Spiritual Experts of pray.com.pk prepared the Spiritual Rings for all purposes to fix the daily issues. These Rings are the result of 9 years meditation performed by 99 Spiritual Experts. You can read the complete details of Spiritual Rings at pray.com.pk.